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The Polymer Competence Center Leoben GmbH (PCCL) is the leading Austrian center for cooperative research in the fields of polymer engineering and polymer sciences. There is a highly qualified experts of around 100 working on R&D projects for innovative polymer solutions for a wide range of applications in the automotive, aviation and packaging sectors to solar and photovoltaic. Cooperation with companies in the polymer industry and universities, such as the Montanuniversität in Leoben, is unrivaled. This is all supplemented by the K Project Functional Polymer Composites (PolyComp) which focuses on the field of polymer-based composites for electrical engineering and electronics applications (www.pccl.at).

One very important aspect of all of PCCL’s research efforts is being heavily focused on the efficiency and functionality of polymer products in use. This scientific approach aims attention at systematic experimental research, whether that be the functionalization of surfaces, extrusion experinments or even mechanical characterization and advanced simulation and modeling tools. Each stage of the end product process chain is covered: from the formation and molecular structure of polymers to development technology and parameters, to the efficiency and functions of the product. This all is made possible by a close network of competent research partners, allowing access to PCCL’s own specialized polymer chemistry labs, polymer processing techniques and materials testing labs. As varied as the applications of polymers are these days, as diverse are the materials used and the demands met. From simple materials analysis to complex components simulation, we offer our partners individual solutions on short notice as well. Our comprehensive methods of analysis enable us to support our partners in systematically assessing the polymers they use. Determined by the requirements, we are able to draw on optical, chemical, analytical, thermal, mechanical or fracture mechanical testing methods. Our experts in the various fields of expertise work in an inter-disciplinary manner to find solutions for the task at hand. Our services range from short notice assistance to failure analysis and support in matters of component design (simulation) to long-term R&D cooperation. In addition to all of this, we assist our clients in the formulation of R&D plans and projects, offering them access to our extensive experience in the national and international funding landscapes.




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