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about 50

about 40% of the visitors come from abroad

The Lipizzaner stud farm Piber sells its Lippizaner horses all over the world.

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Lipizzaner stud Piber –

Worth a visit 365 days a year!


The picturesque village of Piber is nestled in the rolling hills of Western Styria, surrounded by lush meadows and green forests, and is home to Europe’s oldest cultural horse breed. As the only federal stud in Austria, the Lipizzaner stud Piber is called on to breed the Lippizaner studs that are to perform in the world-famous Spanish Riding School in Vienna, thus preserving that magnificent Lippizaner breed. The knowledge gathered through centuries of breeding these majestic white horses at the Styrian Lipizzaner stud Piber was recently included on UNESCO’s list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Whether it’s a visit to the Lipizzaner stud Piber, going on carriage rides or enjoying an Alpine pasture on your summer holiday, the imperial white horses can be marveled at in all their glory. You can take a peek into a blacksmith’s workshop and learn all about the history of the Lippizaner horses in the informative museum. There is a practice area for kids, with a theme trail and an adventure playground for them to enjoy. And the foals, who stay close to their ­mothers’ sides during the first few months of their lives, are a sight to see. Learn all about the charming white horses in an entertaining way!


Annual events for young and old

at the Lipizzaner stud Piber:

  • Foal theme days
  • Mother’s Day celebrations
  • Cattle drive festival festivities
  • Autumn parade


And horse lovers can buy their very own Lippizaner horses here.




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